St Johns Keeper Sarah Voigh






Busy Year for St. John's Keeper, Sarah Voigt

It has been a busy year for St. John's Country Day's Sarah Voigt. Last February her high school team won the 2A State Championship, in June her club team, Ponte Vedra Storm, won the State Championship, and in July the same club team won the Region III Championship and came in second at the National Championships. 

During that time Sarah also has been able to rack up some personal awards for herself. She was selected to the FloridaGirlsSoccer 2A All-State Team. She was selected as an ESPN RISE All-American and to the NSCAA All-Region Team.

Oh yea, she has also committed to one of the nations best college soccer programs, Notre Dame.

1. Why did you choose Notre Dame?
Notre Dame is my ideal school. The academics are excellent and the so is the soccer. The soccer program is consistently one of the best in the nation, and the coaching staff there is quality. The campus is gorgeous. I really just love everything about it. As soon as I walked on campus, I was like, "I'm going here. It's perfect."

2. When and why did you start playing soccer?
I started at 6 years old, and my mom just signed me up so I would have something to do. I immediately fell in love with it, and have been playing ever since.

3. Who has been the most influential person in your soccer career?
My coaches have played a pivotal role in my soccer development, especially Mike Pickett (my high school coach), Jorge Munoz (my goalkeeper coach of 6+ years), and Luis Torres (my club coach). They have all helped me develop different parts of my game and I definitely would not be where I am today without them. Without Jorge as my goalkeeper trainer, there's no way I would be such a competitive keeper. He has helped me develop and perfect my techniques and he is one of the best trainers I've ever had. Pickett and Torres have helped me develop every other part of my game, from fitness and agility to ball skills and accuracy, and even to my character and personality.

4. Who is your favorite soccer player?
Men's: Tim Howard
Women's: Ashlyn Harris

5. What person do you look up to most and why?
My parents. They have always pushed me, helped me, and been there when I needed it.

6. What is your favorite song or type of music?
It changes, but right now I really like the band Boyce Avenue.

7. What is your favorite thing to do besides soccer?
I play the guitar.

8. Favorite soccer moment?
Definitely going to Nationals with my club team, Ponte Vedra. We played the best teams in the nation, and we showed ourselves that we belonged there, that we were one of the best teams as well. The whole experience was so amazing, and in hindsight, making it to the finals is no small feat.