ODP Girls 1992 Regional Teams Compete in Portugal

US Youth Soccer ODP Girls 1992 regional teams are competing in Portugal this week. Teams gain international experience and are able to support the Women's U.S. National Team as they compete in the Algarve Cup.

Here are a couple updates from the teams.
The US Youth Soccer ODP Girls 1992 Region II attended the United States vs. Norway game on their second day. Afterwards, they interacted with the team and a few girls received national player gear. The team has been training, playing soccer tennis and seeing the sites. They attended the United States vs. Sweden game today.
Yesterday, Region II played against an Under-20 regional team from the Sevillana region of Spain. Sevillana pressed hard for the first 12 minutes of the game. In the 15th, Frances Silva-Leon scored on a cross from Kelsey Mullen. Region II then changed the momentum and challenged Sevillana. Amber Fry (20:00) and Silva-Leon (35:00) put Region II up 3:0 at the half. Silva-Leon scored two additional goals in the second half. The first was a header from Megan Fuller in the 51st and another in the 65th after impressive dribbling past three opponents and the goalkeeper. Ashley Cantrell scored in the 80th and Kelsey Mullen followed with the last goal in the 81st minute. Region II won, 7:0.
Region III met with U.S. National Team players Kacey White and Kendal Fletcher who are also from US Youth Soccer Region III. Players enjoyed asking them questions. A few girls received jerseys from the national team players who were also signing autographs.
Region III's first game was against Ireland. Region III won, 4:0. Taylor Travis scored in the 31st with an assist by Katie Stengel. In the 50th minute Chi Ubugagu scored with the assist by Courtney Smith. Amanda Frisbie scored in the 68th off an assist by Molly Atherton. An own goal by Ireland in the 73rd ended the game.
The players must try out to qualify for the program's high-level training from licensed coaches through a series of trials at their local, State Association and then Regional levels. Those selected are exposed to the nation's best coaches, trainers and facilities.